About Me

I am Shawn D’silva, a Full Stack Web Developer, Designer, Blogger and Embedded Systems enthusiast.
My fascination about the nuts and bolts of web technology led me to creating this website+blog, self-hosting my own E-Mail server instead of relying on a third party provider and creating my own containerized “framework” on a VPS to serve out Live Demos of my Projects( also Containerized 🐳 ) out of sub-directories, rather than relying on Heroku or any other PaaS.
The purpose of this section of my website is to document my projects and other blog posts related to Full Stack Web Development, Embedded Linux, Operating Systems, hobby Electronics and Microcontroller Firmware programming.

I am curious about the low-level, inner workings of processors and modern electronics in general that are abstracted away from the average user, both hardware and firmware, and love reading material related to Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics and Embedded Systems.

I believe that good code should have clear and concise Documentation and comments, and therefore endeavor to use my Blog and Github to share anything new that I have learnt, or document my projects.

Details about the Hardware, Software and Services I use myself for my website(s) can be found here