🤔 What’s This ?

This page contains a list of whatever Hardware I own and use and whatever bits of Software I use both on Desktop and for my Websites. Inspired by Wes Bos’ site, which contains links to other developer’s /uses pages.

This page is a living document, and I’ll change stuff here if I get some new Hardware or switch up my software workflow or web setup

💾 Software

Windows 10

Settled on Win10 after using Linux Mint for quite a while and before that shuttling between different Linux distros.

Ubuntu 18.04( WSL 2)

This is why I settled on Windows 10 😀

Windows Terminal

Use the terminal integrated in VSCode most of the time, but having a modern Terminal on Windows is good


Best Text Editor in the history of Text Editors


GUI API testing program, thankfully much easy to install in Windows


Default Browser for both normal browsing and Dev, Chrome DevTools 😍

Adobe XD

Learning to make Website Mockups and Illustrations using this, only free Adobe CC program there is.

Libre Office

Good FOSS Alternative to MS Office suite!

Mozilla Thunderbird

GUI Mail client with UI that looks like it’s from 2009, but just werks and is very functional

OBS Studio

Screen recording software, can also be used for live streaming.

Daum PotPlayer

Feature rich video player that can play every format.

👨‍💻 Hardware

🖥️ Custom Desktop PC

i5 4690K | Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM | Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super GPU | Samsung Evo 256GB SSD | Seasonic M12II 620W PSU | Samsung 24 inch IPS/PLS Monitor | Logitech Z310 Speakers

My Workhorse, since 2015, My first and only custom built PC, also the one using which I started my Programming journey, Custom PC’s built from standardized parts are truly the best computing platform, outlasting propreitary Laptops, AIOs etc and giving the user immense freedom in Hardware and Software choices.

💻 Asus VivoBook S

Laptop with good specs but a dying screen and borked internal keyboard that isn’t replaceable 😟

📱 Apple iPhone 7

Most beautiful UI i’ve ever seen on any electronic device, and couldn’t care much about all the “walled garden” stuff, I’m more of a PC guy anyway

5Ghz MU-MIMO Wifi router with beefy enough specs to run Linux and custom firmware distros like DDWRT or Tomato

🌐 Web

AWS Lightsail

Host my sites on this, can’t beat $3.50 for a VPS.


Preferred Web Server for my sites.


Static Site Generator, using this for 2-3 years now, should probably switch to Gatsby




Provides Free SSL Certificates, but you have to renew them every 3 months.


They have a free plan to provide your site CDN, proxying and possible DDoS protection too.

📧 Mail


Sits on your server and receives E-Mail, passes it on to Dovecot


Connects to mail clients like Thunderbird and sends your E-mails over


Keeps Nigerian Princes and Advertizers out of your Inbox