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About Me

I'm Shawn D’silva, a Full Stack Web Developer and Designer using the versatility of JavaScript in both Front-End and Back-End to create beautiful, responsive and well designed Web Apps with great UI and UX

I am well equipped to solve problems with my wide skill-set, ranging from creating beautiful static websites, to Single Page Web Apps, Back-End development, Databases, Cloud Deployment & Systems Administration.

A vast majority of my skills are self-taught, and I am naturally curious, passionate about web technologies, and a quick learner, confident that I can adapt to any technologies that your organization uses.

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My Skills

Programming Languages


I use C for my hobbyist embedded systems projects, Java to practice Data Structures & Algorithms and write efficient ES6 JavaScript and clean PHP code for Web projects.

Frontend & Web Apps

I am proficient in using React.js, along with Sass and the Bootstrap framework to create beautiful and efficient Single Page Web Apps with great UX, and can also use JQuery and custom, responsive CSS for simpler websites

Backend & Databases

Node.js with Expess and Laravel are my go-to backend frameworks to create REST API backends. I can use Table-based and NoSQL Databases like Postgres, MySQL or MongoDB depending on project requirements

Ops & Deployment

I deploy my web apps as Dockerized containers on Debian/Ubuntu Linux AWS EC2 instances behind an NGINX Reverse Proxy and do basic SysAdmin Ops while using BASH shell scripting to automate tasks whenever possible.

My Projects

Laravel React Realtime Chat App

A Real Time Chat Web App made using React & Laravel, powered by WebSockets, with user to user private chats, channels for chatting between multiple users, notifications and a host of other features

Boomer PHP MVC Framework

An MVC & AJAX based PHP Framework and Demo CRUD web app built on the LAMP stack, made from pure PHP, uses no frameworks or third-party Libraries.

Built With :   PHP MySQL JQuery Linux Apache Docker


A Fully Free & Open Source, Dockerized To-Do List and Project Management web app, supporting user authentication, routing, descriptions, status changes and checklists and deletions, Fully responsive across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

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