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A Fully Free & Open Source, Dockerized To-Do List and Project Management web app, supporting user authentication, routing, descriptions, status changes and checklists and deletions, Fully responsive across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

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ListWala is an Open Source To-Do List and Project management app, I created this project to strenghten my understanding of MERN based Full Stack Web Apps, especially React, Redux and how they both work together.

This project started out as a simple To-Do List App, but later on I added features that also made it useful for minimal project management, for example a “roadmap” of sorts for any new coding project I am developing with what specific features need to be developed etc.

With this Project, I also learnt How to Deploy my web apps to live servers using Docker, which I have documented in this Blog Post here

Technologies Used


  • Login page with success/error messages
  • Register page with success/error messages
  • Protected List page route that needs authentication to access
  • Persistence achieved using Sessions, with session ID stored on Cookie
  • Logout deletes session in database and cookie from browser
  • Create Lists containing ToDo items.
  • ToDo items have editable descriptions, checklists and status
  • Status can be changed to Done, In Progress or back to Not Started
  • Lists and ToDo items can be Deleted
  • Fully responsive across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

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