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Boomer PHP MVC Framework

An MVC & AJAX based PHP Framework and Demo CRUD web app built on the LAMP stack, made from pure PHP, uses no frameworks or third-party Libraries.

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Boomer PHP MVC is an Framework made by me to learn PHP and core web development and software engineering concepts like Object Oriented programming, Model-View-Controller architecture, AJAX programming etc

Without the aid of a pre-existing framework like Laravel, or any external packages

A demo app, made using this framework, also called BOOMER is built with the classic Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP stack inside Docker containers on an Ubuntu host

Boomer PHP MVC implements most common sense Web Framework features from scratch, like a Router, Middlewares, Input Validation, SQL Query Builder and Sessions based Authentication.

Technologies Used


  • Created using only pure PHP, no frameworks or external libraries.
  • MVC CRUD App with AJAX features where required
  • Router with support for parameterized dynamic routes and protected routes.
  • Route parameters can be accessed in controller, so can the data output by Middlewares
  • Sessions based authentication, with only sessionId stored in cookie, and user data stored in database.
  • Validation library to check user input.
  • Middleware support for specific routes.
  • Database abstraction using a Query Builder for MySQL.

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